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NTC33 | Newtown Casino Malaysia’s Favourite

Newtown (NTC33) is a popular casino in Malaysia that has a variety of games such as slot and table games. We have the best user interface whereby our clients are playing high stakes to win big. The user interface makes it easy to open and play around with the application.

Beginner choices

The application is great for beginners who have no idea what they are doing with their games. We also train new players with free accounts that have points only for training purposes. They can try out the application and games inside it completely free of charge. We will do the best when it comes to providing a great gambling experience.

Register NTC33 | Newtown Login Id

You can get started by getting a free account from our client service line. We want you to try getting the best experience when starting a new game. These free accounts are also for everyone, professionals and beginners, the accounts help give practice for everyone to find their skills or playstyle suitable for the game. Each person has their own playstyle so that they can play as much as they can to completely get a feel for the game.

Claim your prizes

Newtown casino has great bonuses and jackpots for you to claim when you win. To start claiming your prizes, contact our gaming agent and tell them about what prizes you want to claim through WhatsApp or WeChat. Our hotline is fast and responsive as our game agents will respond to you every hour of the day and at any time too.

Play safe with boscuci

We want you to transfer safely and we have guarded our transfer methods very well. Privacy is number one when it comes to managing our transfers to winning customers. Get your game on and start winning great prizes worth thousands of ringgit!